First of all, I will clearly state my point of view on wedding photos and wedding photography, which is going to take photos of weddings, weddings, not go to CDCR in the outdoors, at the studio – that’s what Vietnam calls. Pre-Wedding shooting. So in this article, I mention the topic related to party and wedding photography, however, you can still apply a few ideas for your pre-wedding photography.

Why will street photography help you become a better wedding photographer?
The wedding photography market in Vietnam is now almost saturated, the products are the same, the marketing is the same, the tricks are the same, the customer care is the same. Instead of focusing your mind on those things, why not focus on investing in your own product, which is the image. Focus on being more creative for your image, which will get you out of a market full of competition and chaos. And street photography will help you to improve your image better.

Help you communicate better with others

You go to wedding photography, just like you take street photography, a lot of things happen and most of them are strangers, if because you are afraid of communication, you do not dare to take photos, it is too regrettable. Of course, you can still capture countless other expressive moments, but will the guests at the wedding feel comfortable, express all their feelings when a strange camera comes up to shoot? But if your interaction is not good, will the photos you take have content? Is the content valuable or not?

When you do street photography, you are forced to shoot strangers. They will often be curious about what you are doing, what you take, why point a camera at them. Those things will make you uncomfortable, if you are a shy photographer, you will retract the camera and stop taking photos, but if you dare a little more, continue to interact and communicate with them then I I’m sure you will get amazing results.

You are afraid that the other person will have negative reactions to you, do not worry too much because no one is chasing you because of the photo, of course you have to consider what you take, what is your environment. They took pictures when not touching everywhere. Gradually these things will make you more confident in dealing with strangers.

Help you be able to judge situations

Have you ever missed the interesting moments of your wedding party? I believe everyone will suffer a few times. You have enough confidence to interact with the guests, you can easily approach and capture their expressions, but you still lose the moment, it is because you have not guessed the upcoming situation. .

When you walk on the street, there will be countless interesting moments happening, not only that it usually happens very quickly, you just need to be one second behind to lose that moment. You go to shoot regularly, your mind will be sensitive to what happens during the shoot, approaching the subject. Just guess what you have to prepare to capture what happens next, whether the content is as you imagined or not, at least you did not miss anything.

This will help you a lot when going to wedding photography. Sensitive to each situation, you will know what you should and should not shoot, from there will have the ideal angle for yourself. You will know in advance when the CDCR will cry or laugh, when the subject will show emotions or special gestures. Practice gradually like this, you will have enough confidence to cover a whole wedding party.

Helps you control emotions and calmness when taking photos.

Being able to judge what is going to happen is not enough, if you don’t have the composure to shoot. Wedding photography is completely different from going to street photography. Everything that happens during the wedding ceremony is continuous and very fast, each wedding takes place only once and there will be no wedding ceremony like a wedding ceremony. If you are inexperienced, it is very easy to get caught up in the events of your wedding day. Once caught in, you will no longer stay calm but observe or judge the situation. At that time, you will go back to frame shooting, taking a formula that you learned from someone else

Everything happened on the street, just as quickly and continuously as in a wedding ceremony. If you can’t capture one, you still have a chance to capture another, you are not pressured by money, by anyone. But there will be events, moments that you yourself will want to record because you find it meaningful to you.
When you meet these events, you are more likely to get caught up in it than when you go to wedding photography. Wedding photography only takes place in a certain restaurant or garden space, but things on the street, its scope will be wider, the human factor will be more diverse and caught up in it is understandable. . However, as I said, you still have a chance to correct your mistakes when going to street photography.

Once you get used to these things, you will be calm enough to observe what to shoot and need to shoot, be able to control your emotions to avoid getting caught up in what’s happening.

Helps you to be more varied in viewing angle and composition

The work of wedding photography is too stressful, making you choose the safe options for your images, the same approach, the same shooting angle and lack of composition diversity. But when you go to street photography, you will feel a lot more comfortable. You do not have to be under any pressure at all, you can freely have time to create, have time to stand by and look around without being pushed by anyone.

When you are comfortable and let go of the pressures, it is time to have your own creativity in the way of shooting, about composition and angle of view. Long-term exercise will set you up for a habit, and you’ll have good reflexes when it comes to wedding photography.

Helps you to operate the machine more accurately

I believe that street photography is the best place to practice your photography skills. Besides the above mentioned issues, the technical factor is also important. To do well with the above things requires you to master shooting techniques and master the operation of the camera smoothly.

When entering a party or wedding, the time you are there is to observe, feel and capture. Instead of spending time thinking about how to adjust the camera, use focal length to shoot. Spending time on those undesirable things will make you miss a lot of valuable moments.

When shooting street, you will have a lot of time to practice fluently operating the camera, with time to choose the right focal length. The richness of people and shooting circumstances will make you acutely sharp in deciding which focal length to shoot under which circumstances.

Helps you realize the real value of the image

You spend a lot of time on street photography, which will help you see what photos you have taken, which ones are valuable and which are not. Time will be decisive, helping you to realize that. There will be images when you see them, you know that you can take them, you can’t take them. But there will be pictures you will burst into because you feel lucky when you took it, because there is a change in the content and circumstances during the shoot compared to the present.

Although it is only a photo of everyday events on the street, but it is still valuable to the person who takes it or to someone. So in wedding photos too, you need to know clearly, when taking photos, it will be valuable. The value here is that it makes sense to your customers.

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