Wedding videography | The most popular types of wedding movies

What is wedding videography? And how to choose the most suitable genre?

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In this article I will share with you the most common types of wedding videography and the advantages of each. Along with that and specific illustrated videos for you to easily choose.

What is wedding videography?

Wedding videography is a type of filming specifically for weddings. Due to the specificity of the wedding, there are many different rituals and customs of each region. Therefore, the cameraman needs to understand the customs to be able to advise the owner on the correct and artistic rituals.

What is a wedding reportage film?

Wedding reportage film is a new film genre that has appeared in Vietnam in recent years, especially in big cities because of its modern nature and high artistic requirements. A wedding reportage video usually has a length of 5-20 minutes but requires a lot of sophistication from scripting, filming to editing. In addition, this type of film needs to use many cameras and modern equipment, so the cost is often quite high from 10-30 million.

What is pre-wedding?

Besides traditional wedding films and reportage films, there are other popular types of films such as proposal films, pre-wedding films, lovestory… This is usually the type of film produced before the wedding ceremony such as filming the marriage proposal, shooting a clip. Short story of love, filmed when taking wedding photos.

Clips with a length of 3-5 minutes were filmed and animated and used to show the afternoon at the wedding ceremony.

If you have a camcorder and want to record your own movies for relatives or friends, you can see more experiences in this article – Tips for filming beautifully

Above is preliminary information about wedding videography in general, hopefully through the above information you can understand the popular types of wedding movies.

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