Wedding photography in Phu Quoc

Beautiful wedding photography in Phu Quoc

Vietnam has a wonderful scene with many poetic natural scenery, and that is the inspiration for many couples when taking wedding photos. Today, HongKong Studio will introduce you to a tourist destination, also a famous wedding photography place about the romantic beauty: Phu Quoc Island.

Why is Phu Quoc?

Can’t say much about the famous beauty in Phu Quoc. Dubbed as Pearl Island, this is considered a tourist paradise and also a paradise for couples who want to take the best wedding photography. With stretches of sand, winding beaches, coral reefs, … Phu Quoc makes any wedding photo set much more vibrant and romantic, especially for couples who want the scenery at sea.

Where to shoot now?

Calling wedding photography in Phu Quoc will be somewhat general because of the fact that Phu Quoc has a very large space and many beautiful scenes. You can shoot at Sao beach, located in the south of the island, with stretches of sand peeking out next to the sea morning glory, is the first choice for couples taking wedding photography on Pearl Island. There are also Bai Khem, Suoi Tranh, Suoi Da Ban, Mai Ganh Dau are also perfect photo spots for a wedding photo blending in with nature and romance. Even the resorts here can be beautiful spaces for the second shift because they all have private beaches and have luxurious modern motels.

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