Outdoor weddings often leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of party guests and newlyweds. The wedding atmosphere that is both formal but also open and comfortable will be a beautiful milestone for a long-term marriage. Let’s join Fernandes Photographer to find out everything related to a destination wedding in Hoi An!

Referring to Hoi An, people think of the old town, the ancient and peaceful scenes, the blue beaches are equally peaceful. In the midst of such a beautiful scenery, organizing an outdoor wedding in ancient Hoi An will definitely be a plus point for you. But besides a romantic outdoor wedding, what else can our couple do in Hoi An?

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Photographed in Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town is definitely an ideal destination for wedding photography before holding a wedding here. Time as late as float float in ancient Hoi An glass. The panels are old, but the yellow walls are dark with time, the streets sparkling in lanterns makes us feel back to the old days.

Therefore, taking wedding photos in Hoi An ancient town is a way to combine and record cultural documents, transmitting system capital of Vietnam. There is no such combination as an ao dai or a turban right next to the colored lanterns. In the midst of thousands of wedding photos that the bride wears an extravagant wedding gown, the groom wears an extremely luxurious suit, a wedding photo set with traditional Vietnamese goods on an old town will be extremely outstanding and to reprint Deep impression with everyone.

In addition to the old town, couples should also take photos at different points such as Cua Dai, An Bang, Cau Pagoda, Hoai River, etc. before choosing a destination wedding in Hoi An.

Outdoor wedding in Hoi An

Although it is difficult to organize a wedding in the heart of the small old town, we can still have an outdoor wedding in Hoi An with a theme related to this famous old street. In the midst of the natural space of the seaside town, the stage is decorated with lanterns, cones and yellow tones like the house walls on Hoi An ancient town, making the guests feel more excited and impressed than usual. . But if you have other plans to decorate the outdoor wedding is fine, Hoi An still awaits you and your partner in many different ways.

It is often believed that the surrounding environment influences people’s mood. This is not really an unreasonable word, because an outdoor wedding in harmony with the slow, gentle atmosphere in Hoi An is also a way to help everyone temporarily forget their daily worries and chaos. with family on both sides.

Fernandes Photographer will help you enjoy the wedding atmosphere and quiet surroundings to the fullest.

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