Da Lat is really beautiful, beautiful in a poetic, romantic and lyrical way. No matter how many bad rumors about Da Lat, it is impossible to stop the desire of couples that want to own a beautiful wedding photo in Dalat.


Da Lat is a city in Lam Dong province, located on Lam Vien plateau, with an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains and forest flora. With such a geographical position, Da Lat inherits a mild and cool mountainous climate all year round. Therefore, here every year there are many couples traveling, dating or honeymoon, … and especially with dreamy beauty, Da Lat is extremely suitable for choosing wedding photography.

In addition to the mild climate and poetic scenery, Da Lat city also has some advantages that couples prioritize when taking wedding photos such as: Location near Saigon, many beautiful wedding photography studios, can combine wedding and resort photography…

Are you and your partner planning to take wedding photos in the land of flowers but still wondering where to take beautiful and quality photos? Then don’t hesitate to refer to the Top 40+ beautiful Da Lat wedding photography locations in the article right below.


Wedding photography locations in Da Lat include: Thien Phuc Duc Hill, Rose Hill, Cau Dat Tea Hill, Xuan Huong Lake, Vegetable Garden, Cherry Blossom Road, Hydrangea Field, Hill. Sun Flower… Let’s learn about the beauty, entrance fees and pictures of these places with Ms. Bay Photography:


A little wild, a little poetic, a little mysterious is what this place can bring to you. Right in the top of the list of beautiful wedding photography locations in Da Lat, Thien Phuc Duc’s bare hill really does not disappoint. Dubbed as a unique feature of the land of flowers, Thien Phuc Duc hill is covered with clouds and mountains. The chilly atmosphere mixed with the wind and flowers here promises to bring you and your loved one the best wedding photos.

The peaceful beauty of the roads, combined with the grandeur of the vast pine hills is what people feel when coming to Thien Phuc Duc Hill. If the two of you want to take wedding photos here, you’d better come in the morning, when the morning sunlight is starting to creep through the pine needles, then gradually cover the whole space, creating dreamy beauty but also full of life. This is the best time, if you want to have the most beautiful and impressive Da Lat wedding photos at Thien Phuc Duc Hill.

Entrance ticket: Free – Only pay for parking at a homestay if you take a car.

đồi thiên phúc đức địa điểm chụp ảnh cưới đà lạt


If the bride and groom want to take outdoor wedding photos in Da Lat, this is a place not to be missed. It is said that “when you fall in love, the whole world will turn pink”. So what’s the problem without adding a bit of pink to your wedding photos? Coming to the pink grass hill, you will be with your partner immersed in the romance, poetic and full of sweetness. The period from early November onwards is the best time to come here to take pictures. At that time, the flowers and grass will bloom pink, plus a little chilly of the early winter air, you will definitely get the best wedding photos.

Admission: Free


If the two of you have decided to choose Da Lat as the background for your wedding photos, but you ignore the field of Carnations, it is a big omission. The hydrangea flower has a gentle tone, or blue, or pink and moreover, it looks quite similar to the flowers that the groom gives to the bride at the wedding ceremony. Maybe that’s why newlyweds often have more affection for this flower? Walking hand in hand through each cluster of hydrangeas, immersing in the taste of color is an experience worth trying.

The entrance ticket to the flower garden will be 200,000 VND / team, which is quite cheap to get a good photo, right? The hydrangea garden has its own beauty every season. Choose a wedding photography package in Da Lat at Co Bay and you will have yourself the best wedding photo albums

đồng hoa cẩm tú cầu địa điểm chụp ảnh cưới đẹp ở đà lạt


About 20km away from Da Lat city center, you can see many tea hills, including Cau Dat Farm tea hill. Not only is it a very famous tourist destination, but it is also one of the most sought-after beautiful wedding photography locations in Da Lat.

The vast green tea hill is meticulously cared for, lying flat in full sunlight will create a very cool background and you and your partner will be a perfect highlight on that background.

đồi chè cầu đất farm địa điểm chụp ảnh cưới ở đà lạt


Return to the city center to immerse yourself in the flowers and scents of Xuan Huong Lake. As the heart of the flower country, Xuan Huong Lake knows how to make everyone who has been there once, they will want to come back many more times.

Many couples choose Xuan Huong Lake as the background for their wedding photos because it can bring them a sense of peace. It’s like being in the middle of the city, but the soul feels like being dropped into some magical place, peaceful and poetic. So if you and your partner are wondering where to take beautiful wedding photos in Da Lat, don’t rush to skip Xuan Huong Lake.

hồ xuân hương địa điểm chụp ảnh cưới đẹp đà lạt


“Secret garden” – just hearing the name is enough to tell the mystery of this place. One of the most sought-after tourist and checkin destinations in recent years. The Secret Garden set is exactly what couples are looking for. Secret Garden is fortunate to be blessed with an extremely rich ecosystem, with rivers, lakes, and vast forests.

This place is kind of like a magical land, no matter how long you go, you can’t just stop at any place because every corner has its own beauty. If you have decided to come here to take wedding photos, do not forget to visit the wooden houses, giant bird nests or the legendary wooden bridge through the forest.

phim trường secret garden những địa điểm chụp ảnh cưới đẹp ở đà lạt


Lost in the charming scenery right in the Golden Valley in Da Lat city. The Golden Valley is most beautiful in the morning, when the first rays of sunlight from the dawn creep into every corner of the pine forest creating a beautiful dreamy effect. The dreamy, somewhat poetic beauty of the Golden Valley promises to bring you and your loved one new experiences with beautiful Da Lat wedding photo albums.

The Golden Valley is best around March-May because of the mild weather, no rain. To move here you need to rent a Jeep. Do not hesitate any longer without adding it to your list of beautiful scenes for wedding photography in Dalat.


The fairy scene named Cau Go Hunting promises to be a unique beautiful wedding photography address in Da Lat for you and that person. Located right next to Cau Dat tea hill, surrounded by clouds and sky. In the middle of the immense foothills, you and your partner exchange passionate kisses, hold hands to enjoy the spirit of heaven and earth, there is nothing that can be compared.

Let’s create the photos of a lifetime together at this unique and free wedding photography venue in this dreamy city of Da Lat.

đồi chân mây những địa điểm chụp hình cưới đẹp ở đà lạt

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