Take a PROFILE image for what? Why take PROFILE pictures???

Profile is a personal image. In the field of recruitment, profile means a person’s personal information.
So why take a profile photo?

️🍀 You can make a series of photos for a lifetime with many different styles or simply make a profile picture on social networking sites.
️🍀 Do you want to be an MC, do you want to be an office worker, or a lawyer, or want to participate in a model casting session….??? You sent Profile but didn’t get a reply? Do you know what the real problem is?
🍀 You want to apply for a job anywhere, a professional profile can attract employers.
️🍀 A profile picture is really important: if you don’t have an impressive profile picture and show your true self, it’s better not to leave a photo instead of using a 3×4 card photo, unless you can. requirements in your application.
️🍀 Card photos are very easy to lose sympathy for employers because you are confined in the rules (no smile, white or blue background…). But don’t let that use a “selfie” that is only appropriate on a personal social networking site.
🍀 When recruiting, to get a professional profile, you will not be able to lack unique photos that show all your style, it will give you certain advantages in the eyes of employers. So what kind of photo is considered professional and attractive to employers?

👉 Currently, branding has not been paid enough attention. Understanding that

Fernandes_Photography together with photographers will bring you photos with a unique style that is not mixed with any other place.

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