“Rushing” to virtual living places in Hoi An took thousands of beautiful pictures instantly

The ancient and distinctive beauty of Hoi An is no longer a strange thing for our tourism association. However, where are the “photo hunting” sites, virtual living spots in Hoi An that “drop the net” that get millions of likes, if you put up the device, there will be quality photos immediately? Let’s join Fernandes Photographer to make a list of beautiful photo spots in Hoi An that are worth the money of this rice bowl!

Old brick kiln – “Stairway to heaven”

Address: Cam Kim Commune – Duy Vinh, Hoi An City, Quang Nam, not far from the center of Hoi An.

The wall on Hoang Van Thu street
The beautiful place to take pictures in Hoi An that everyone should visit once is… a wall? Really, this is one of the places where tourists, especially young people love and unleash their creativity with their “lenses”.

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Along the banks of Hoai River
Hoai River is associated with the life, culture and tourism development of Hoi An. Therefore, you should not ignore this virtual living spot in Hoi An, because it not only has you a thousand poses, but also brings the feature “can’t get lost”. Posing, shooting, and… “Oh, are you in Hoi An?” – People will immediately realize where you are playing!
Hoi An Lantern Street
Lanterns are almost attached to and become a symbol of Hoi An, but nothing should be done when the lantern streets return to virtual living places in Hoi An that are popular with many people.
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Small alleys in the old town
Someone once said, the small alleys are witnesses and storytellers of each land. They preserve the beauty and local life, sometimes with idyllic and somewhat shy ones.

Did you go, are you going or will you return to Hoi An? So remember to choose the beautiful photo spots in Hoi An that Traveloka suggested above to check-in or simply keep your memories of Hoi An. And don’t forget to share with Hoi An Photographer your memories here.

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