Hoi An wedding photography locations


Hoi An is not only a tourist destination, it is also an ideal destination for couples to take wedding photos. With charming scenery, peaceful atmosphere and ancient, mossy beauty, every corner here is worth saving great photo shoots for your commemorative album. Here are the 10 most beautiful Hoi An wedding photography locations for brides and grooms to pose.

Why was Hoi An chosen as a location for wedding photography?

In fact, in Vietnam in general and the central region in particular, there is no shortage of beautiful wedding photography locations. But Hoi An is considered one of the places that attracts the most couples. Not only because of the beautiful scenery here, but the people to the houses, the streets, etc. also have harmonious features that make you pay attention and want to come. If you are wondering whether to choose Hoi An as a destination to capture memorable photos of your life, here are the reasons that you should consider:

Hoi An can be called a free wedding photography location

Hoi An wedding photography is both beautiful and does not cost any more, there is no reason to ignore it, right? Most of the places here are for tourists and couples to take pictures and check-in freely without charge (except for some old houses). The golden walls with mossy tiled roofs or blooming bougainvillea, or alleys just for two people,… All of them are very unique, and there is no limit on opening/closing time for you to enjoy. pose to have satisfactory pictures.

Many wedding photography themes for you to choose from

Hoi An is known as a nostalgic and traditional wedding photography location. When talking about Hoi An, people will immediately think of a peaceful and gentle place with mossy stone walls, streets full of colorful lanterns, a poetic river, shimmering with light. flower lights at night. It’s so simple, but there are people who are passionate about such a quiet, sacred beauty.

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But Hoi An not only has that ancient beauty, but it also has the scenery of rivers, sea, sky and wild islands. Wedding photography here, you will have a lot of themes to choose from. From the ancient contemplative style to the modern style with the blue sea and white clouds of An Bang beach, or the simple beauty of the craft villages… The hidden beauty here has made the lovers desire. Immerse yourself in it with shimmering wedding photo albums.

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