Hoi An is officially open to tourists again

After more than 2 years of being “frozen” because of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the last days of March, Hoi An suddenly returned to joy with a series of unique and attractive cultural and tourism events opening the National Tourism Year. The event will be held in 2022 with the theme “Quang Nam – A green tourism destination”, marking the impressive return of Hoi An ancient town, the world’s leading green, safe and attractive tourist destination.

Over the past two years, despite the passing of the COVID-19 storm, causing all tourism activities and life to be halted globally, the name Hoi An has not been forgotten but is still recognized by the international tourism community. Attention is paid to attention, as evidenced by the media and many prestigious international awards still honoring this unique heritage such as: 25 best tourist cities in the world in 2020, top 15 best cities in Europe. Asia 2021, Asia’s leading cultural urban destination 2021…

In particular, right after Vietnam announced the full reopening of tourism activities from March 15, along with the Quang Nam event opening the National Tourism Year 2022 with the theme “Quang Nam – On March 26, Hoi An ancient town quickly attracted a large number of tourists again with a series of attractive, unique and in-depth cultural and tourism events. The programs are invested in elaborate and methodical construction to stimulate tourism demand, creating a playground for domestic and foreign tourists to have the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of being entertained and entertained with a festive atmosphere in peace and security. Safe and comfortable after a long time of being restricted due to the epidemic.

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