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Just surf the web and look up the word on Pinterest with “food photography” or go to Twitter and type in the hashtags #foodporn or #foodie, you will see a lot of people who are passionate about food photography and have a lot of valuable shares. Even on Flickr (a popular photo hosting website today) there are thousands of community groups that specialize in posting photos of food & saying nothing but photos of their food. It’s an endless passion, isn’t it? So let’s start learning how to take good photos of your delicious food

Let’s hurry up!

If you don’t quickly catch the moment, your dish will not be as delicious and attractive as it was when it was made or the ice cream as shown in the picture will melt very quickly. The technique of photographing food is obviously more difficult than photographing objects. If the photographer is not quick, the dish will not be as delicious and fresh as it was when it was just finished. Therefore, try to capture quickly the first moments when the dish is still hot, crispy, sweet or cold…

Composition, angle and lighting

These are three things that always go together. The same arrangement, but you try to rotate the camera to many different angles, you will see a good picture in a certain position. The way the food and decorations are arranged can also make the angle much better. Therefore, try to change the arrangement and decoration of food and many accessories. This must be based on the beauty & feeling of each person, there is no clear definition or rule for this.

White balance:

Even with the right shutter speed and aperture, you may not be able to capture a beautiful, vibrant, color-accurate photo. Restaurant lighting is often affected by yellow incandescent lights or candles that often make photos look yellow. Unless you adjust the white balance (WB) of the camera, the image will look washed out.

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