Experience beautiful and effective event photography

Experience beautiful and effective event photography

Hello friends, lately a lot of people ask me how to take photos of parties or events effectively at night time or low light environment with removable flash. After a period of using many types of lights with TTL or Manual photography from theory to practice, I also have a few small experiences to share with you. Hope to be of help to you.

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Regarding event photography, I usually see 2 cases that are with the use of a separate flash and without the use of a light, both of these cases will have different ways of setting camera parameters, so I will split them up. 2 small cases for you to understand.

1, First with party photos and flash life
In the previous post, I also shared an effective way to use removable flash, if you haven’t seen it, you can refer to it at How to hit the removable flash for newbies.
Now I will share with you how to set up the camera to shoot so that you don’t miss the moment when capturing the event, which shooting mode should be used or how the aperture, iso …

(-) First in case of flash with TTL auto metering
Normally, flash has TTL auto mode, you will be quite relaxed when you let the device measure and automatically adjust to the environment and lighting conditions, now you can set any mode. that you like, you can leave aperture-priority A mode, or speed-priority S mode, or M mode. No matter which mode you set, the light has synchronized with the camera, so you are quite convenient when shooting photos without missing the beautiful moment. When using the flash mode with TTL combined with the A mode on the camera, taking pictures is quite convenient and gentle.

(-) In case you have flash without TTL or in places with complex light that changes continuously, you need to switch the flash to Manual (M) mode to manually adjust it to suit the environment.

=> (*) When using flash for party photography, you will use lenses with general-purpose focal lengths and normal lens focal lengths from 18-200mm. When shooting to get everyone’s focus (avoiding blurry people), you should keep the focal length as small as possible to limit the phenomenon of background blur due to focus. At this point, you will re-open the aperture to focus evenly on many people, the focal length above and below F/5 is fine. At this point, you should push the ISO up to 800-3200 (depending on the situation) to avoid the phenomenon that when hitting the light, the human face will be burned and the background behind the back will be black, you can use more hand pads. Bears or pieces that reflect light at an angle of 45-90 degrees to the ceiling so that the light spreads evenly and is soft to avoid the phenomenon of light patching on the face when there is sweat. Increasing the ISO high for the second purpose is that it helps reduce the lamp power to help the battery recover faster and the battery is taken longer.

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2, In case the flash runs out of battery, breaks or forgets to bring
This case is too mysterious to use because when using the flash normally, the image will be sharper and less noisy.
When this is the case, you need to turn on or ask to turn on the lights of the party venue to the maximum to save some of the missing light. We will have 4 pretty good fire fighting methods as follows:

– Increase the camera ISO: You increase to an acceptable level to avoid the image will be blurred and noisy when increasing the ISO too high.

-Reduce shutter speed: Depending on whether the lens supports anti-shake (it can be up to 1/15th of a second, for example), you need to make the most of the lens’s support. If you have a normal lens, you can leave the minimum shutter speed greater than or equal to 1/80 second to limit the shake caused by the camera hand or the person being photographed moving to blur and blur the image.

-Open the aperture as much as possible: As in the above case, when opening the maximum aperture, the image will be deleted due to the aperture, so you should not open the aperture too large, Or you can stand far away from the subject. a little.

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