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Engagement Photographer in Ninh Binh

Many of you may have heard of Ninh Binh in passing, maybe it came up a few times in your searches for places to visit in Vietnam—but this place is worthy of your full attention. Do you enjoy peace and tranquility afforded by lush greenery? Ninh Binh has this and more.

Famed for its beautiful landscapes and incredible scenery, Ninh Binh is one of the top destinations you should add to your list if you love getting out into nature. From ancient temples to hidden caves and verdant rice paddies, this province in northern Vietnam has a bit of everything. But that’s not even the best part!

Wedding ceremony at Ninh Binh river

Ninh Binh has a lot of rivers and lakes, where the flow of water is very calm, as well as beautiful mountain scenery right next to the rivers. On these rivers, there are many small wooden boats or rafts for tourists to visit. If you or the wedding organizer can contact the management of this area, try a wedding ceremony right on the Ninh Binh River. Although planning for a unique destination wedding in Ninh Binh can take more than a year, the results will certainly be extremely satisfying. A unique wedding with no table yet boat seats will certainly create special memories for the couple.

You can have a wedding ceremony on the river and hold the wedding party at the nearby resorts or tourist areas. However, the decoration for the wedding ceremony must certainly be carefully planned so as to keep a majestic look but also to be suitable for the space on boats.

A wedding planner for a destination wedding in Ninh Binh


If you are planning a destination wedding, contact Fernandes Photographer right now to quickly create a detailed program for your destination wedding in Ninh Binh! With a team of dedicated, experienced staff, Fernandes photographer will help you plan and prepare for your wedding. A beautiful and poetic Ninh Binh will always welcome you and your lover!

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