Beautiful backlit photography technique

Backlit photos are photos created by dark shapes that stand out against a light background. Specifically, in backlit images, the subject of the photo looks like a black block with details removed, creating a strong contrast with the surrounding bright background. Such an image has a profound impact, containing and conveying mystery, charm and many different emotional states to the viewer. That is the unique element of backlit photos. Just a black cube can say so many things, evoke so many emotions. Sometimes we can accidentally create a backlit photo, but to capture a photo according to our intention is a different story.

Whether for a professional photographer or just someone pursuing a passion to reach that level, creating an excellent backlit photo that conveys a distinct message is considered a challenge. real success. So, if you want to take a backlit photo that can be amazing and expressive, check out some of the tips shared below to get better backlit shots. When applied correctly, the art of backlit photography will help you to take extremely impressive photos, instilling in your viewers the inspiration and desire to create such photos of your own.

Create background light for the subject

One of the simplest ways to create a backlit image is to capture your subject with the sun shining directly behind it. Place the subject you want to photograph in front of the sun so that the light shines behind it. You can take photos at sunrise or sunset when the light is at its brightest.

Flash off

Of course, you can’t take a backlit photo with the flash on. So control the camera manually and turn off the flash. If you leave the auto flash mode on, the flash will make the subject light up. You should minimize the light source from in front of the subject.

Indoor photography

You can still take a backlit photo even indoors. Use natural light coming in through the windows. You can also create background lighting by placing some light source behind the subject. Backlit photography can be taken with artificial light, but not necessarily sunlight.

Take pictures at night

It is wrong to think that beautiful backlit photos can only be taken during the day or during the golden hours of the art of photography. On the contrary, even when shooting at night, we still get a great backlit image. It even makes a strong impression and expresses more emotions with intelligently coordinated colors. You can do that using fire or another type of artificial light.

Filling the picture frame

You will surely get a good photo if you apply the correct and effective fill technique in composition processing. The harmonious connection between the subject and the background makes your work more interesting and attractive. You should use a bright background to highlight the subject in your photo. You can also choose and combine many other elements to increase the charm and allure of the photo.

Unique subject selection

Whether your backlit photo is successful or not depends a lot on the shape of the subject. So look for subjects with unique, distinctive and clear shapes, lines, and curves to make your photos easily recognizable. You will fail if when viewing, people do not identify what the subject in the image is.

Use natural borders

When it comes to the natural framing of a photo, we mean objects that exist around the subject. You don’t have to create them because they are already there. It can be a window frame, archway, tree canopy… They will make your photo look more vivid, more evocative.

Shadow for the subject

Find the shadows that best match the subject of the photo. Therefore, besides choosing a unique subject, we also need to check whether the subject can create a beautiful shadow. It will contribute to making the photo more complete, conveying more content and meaning.

Manual focus adjustment

You will find the most suitable focal length yourself when you switch your camera to manual focus mode. If you leave it in automatic mode, the camera may not give you the best angle. In particular, when choosing the aperture at f16, you can still capture the entire scene while focusing on one highlight of the photo.

Simple photo creation

A simple backlit photo will make a lot of impressions. Look for a simple subject that is recognizable even though we only see its shadow. If you pay attention you will notice that most backlit photos don’t have much detail and are mostly focused on the subject.
Now, it’s time to get started!
The factor that makes the photo interesting and attractive is how you compose the photo. So, in addition to the backlit photography tips mentioned above, don’t forget to pay attention to composition, which is very important for any type of photo. With a few of these small methods, you can get a lot of backlit photos that you like.

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