Ba Na Hills Wedding Photography

The castles with beautiful French architecture as in fairy tales, the nature on top of Ba Na mountain is as beautiful as the fairyland and the Golden Bridge “causes storms” on international media, the hottest wedding photo paradise. The whole country is none other than the French village campus on top of Ba Na.

In order to save time for those who are planning to choose this place to make a lifetime wedding album, let us find and define in advance the best shooting angles. The rest of you is to book a trip to the French village. And remember to go as soon as possible, because Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills is having a very good Pre-wedding package for couples who want to come to Ba Na to take pictures.

French village

Beautiful wedding photography corners in a French village on top of Ba Na – Photo 1.
Recreating a classic and romantic image of France with a unique architectural complex, French Village has long been the most popular destination for couples who want to own European-style wedding photos. both nostalgic and modern. In it, Du Dôme square with a large space surrounded by ancient towers, in the middle is a large-sized fountain that has become an endless source of inspiration for couples to create. beautiful picture ecstatic

Right next to the Square is St. Church. Ancient and luxurious Denis, the indisputable background of wedding photos. Before this scene bearing the imprint of European architecture, the bride and groom are like a princess and a prince coming out of a fairy tale.

And yet, if you choose to stay overnight at this only hotel on top of Ba Na, couples also have the opportunity to own unique wedding photos full of ghosts with the church’s magical scenery in the lights. , is adorned with dramatic color arrays when night falls.

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