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Vietnamese photographers | Why should you choose Fernandes?

Top photographer in Vietnam Vietnam is a tropical country very famous for its variety of  beautiful and poetic views. If you are a foreigner and visit Vietnam, chance is you will be surprised by the scenery and people in here and it will likely become an unforgettable experience for you. And as we know, taking […]

Ceremony wedding beach Viet Nam

beach wedding ceremony

Ceremony wedding beach Da Nang Hoi An | Melinda and Aaron Hoi An, an old town on the banks of Hoai River, was once a popular and busy port called Faifo. Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese are living together in here in the old days, busy trading all day and night. It was now located in the […]

Honeymoon in Da Nang | Da Nang Photographer

honeymoon photographer in Da Nang

Da Nang Photographer Da Nang city is famous with long beaches, warm weather, and when spending honeymoon in Da Nang you can combine it with sightseeing Hoi An, and the wonderful Ba Na Hill. However, to have a great and sweet holiday you need to do a lot of research beforehand, to find all the most […]

Family photographer in the heaven of Vietnam

family photographer

Vietnam is a tropical country famous for its beautiful beaches and cities. Scenery and people in the country can always be a surprise to tourists, especially foreigners. Among the different cities, Da Nang and Hoi An are the two representative destinations for the ideal vacation home. The mountains, beaches, rivers and many wonderful landscapes in […]

Photographer in Da Nang

Family Korea | Photographer in Da Nang They are a Korean family to Da Nang holiday.They need a travel photographer in Da Nang who is experienced in taking pictures of the resort they are in and was introduced by a friend of mine. I introduce myself as Hoi An photographer They said they wanted me […]

Pre Wedding in Moc Chau-Viet Nam wedding photographer

Pre Wedding in Moc Chau | Viet Nam wedding photographer This couple is my friend, the groom is also the photographer. We know that this season Moc Chau is very beautiful so we decided to take a photo here. It really did not disappoint us. These are the pictures that I like the most this […]

Photographer in Hoi An(D&N)

Honeymoon (D&N) | Photographer in Hoi An Another couple travel to Hoi An travel to Hoi An and know me on social networking, they say that I’m the local photographer in Hoi An they trust most to Hoi An and my prices are very reasonable.They are very happy about the photos mine.

Hoi An Photographer(Y & T)

Taken by Fernandes | Hoi An Photographer Afternoon in Hoi An is a good time to have a nice photo.That is my experience for many years in Hoi An Photographer

The best beautiful wedding locations in Da Nang

In this article, I will introduce you the most ideal place of the wedding photographer in Da Nang If you have to travel to Danang, you want to see beautiful places for taking beautiful moments and you want to become your moemories of this Dynamic city so we will introduce you to some places in […]

Couple Photographer in Da Nang,Hoi An(A & T)

Honeymoon in Danang | Photographer in Da Nang,Hoi An Taken by Fernnandes Photographer(Photographer in Da Nang,Hoi An-Viet Nam wedding Photographer) They love Da Nang beach and they need a photographer in Da Nang to take pictures  They know me through another photographer. We had 2 hours of walking around Da Nang Beach and other places […]

Pre Wedding in Viet Nam-Viet Nam Wedding Photographer

Pre Wedding in Viet Nam-Viet Nam Wedding Photographer I am a Viet Nam wedding photographer.These are all beautiful pictures of the couples I once had the honor of working. My photography style is to respect the natural grasp of the moment. For me, light is also a very important part. I never change my image because […]

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