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I’m a Viet nam wedding photographer. I am very enthusiastic about photography since I was a kid because it refreshes my mind when I get stress and makes a difference to such dull and bleak routine in daily life . Growing up, photography becomes a serious passion and I chose it to be my career: to become a Vietnam  photographer

I first got into photographer when I was young through a relative of mine. He was a local wedding photographer. My favorite activity back then was to wait for him to come back from a wedding and show me all the pictures he’d taken of the couple and all the people there. What strucked me was the joy and happiness radiating from every photograph. Everyone was smiling, laughing and enjoying the wines, foods and the overall ambiance with each other. People took turn hugging the groom and bride, and I could just imagine them congratulating the couple and wish them a happy married life. The groom and bride are of course the main characters of the photoshoot. The look they gave each other in the pictures was something I could never forget. There was so much love, trust and joy in their eyes and I can see how much they want to spend their life together, just through the pictures, without even being there at the wedding. And every wedding is different to each other. There are always the groom, the bride, the guests,… but the ambiance in each photoshoot is so unique. Each couple and the feeling of love they give off is distinctive. That’s what grabs me the most. How can my relative took so many pictures and each one of them gave off a different vibe. I think that was what inspired me. I wanted to do that too. To go to places and capture all the smiles and happy moments like my relative was able to do. To take pictures of my own.

That was when I knew I love photography. Photos provide a more emotional attachment than words can do. They can re-tell the atmosphere that I simply cannot describe with words. Pictures, perhaps more than anything else for me, I believe they are the best documentary of our lives. Photography can connect us with the past, associate us with an event and preserve our memories without ever needing words or explanations.

My photographer relative totally supported my passion and was really helpful. He let me borrow his camera until I got my first one. He commented on my photos and gave advice on how to take pictures as well as taught me many tricks and tips. It was his guide that nourished my passion and made me the photographer I am today. He was an excellent mentor and I am forever grateful of him.

Photography teaches me a lot. I have to pay attention to every aspect of things. I also have to consider from all directions to take a “beautiful” picture. Color combination is a very important factor in photography. Besides, thanks to photography, I learned about patience. Passion and enjoyment is the root for me to choose this career behind the lens. It’s not just about taking photos, it’s a process of communicating with people and convert the special moments, the highlight of your daily life to each picture. Photography makes my life more colorful through every angle, simple appointment.

My photography career

It’s been 5 years since I participate in this field. I am mainly a wedding photographer and family photographer. But my genre of photographer can be extended beyond that. I am also a portrait photographer, family event photographer and honeymoon photographer

I am based in Da Nang and Hoi An. I can take family photographs in Da Nang and Hoi An or anywhere in Vietnam (from north to south).

Vietnam family photographer

A picture of a Korean family when they visited Hoi An last year.

Vietnam family photographer

The grandparents seemed very happy when they played with their grandchild.

Vietnam family photographer

They enjoyed the moment when they were together

Family is where happiness is created, where we can always come back to, with the persons we can always count on no matter what situation. Family is where we get to be the realest, happiest version of ourselves. There is nothing more beautiful and precious in one person’s life than family, so we just can’t take it for granted, we have to appreciate every second we get to be with our parents, brothers, sisters, children,…..

With that mindset, I try to provide you with pictures that make you smile every single time you look at them and remember all the history you’ve had with your loved ones, pictures that you can carry so no matter where you are, you can still be with your family.

Vietnam family photographer

The kids were extremely excited in the family trip.

Vietnam family photographer

The proof that the father loves his daughter very much.

Mom kissed her son in the unique way.

Vietnam family photographer

They were very happy in a family trip to the beach.

Vietnam family photographer

A beautiful family

Vietnam family photographer

Mom looks very happy with her child in Danang – Hoi An trip.

Other than being a family photographer in Da Nang to help your family take beautiful precious pictures while you’re on holiday. I can also be an family event photographer. Whether it’s a birthday party for your little kids, or the graduation day of your first born or just a simple family picnic and reunion, I can be the one to give you the best photoshoot, so that day spent with your family will never be forgotten. I love seeing family members interacting with each other and these interactions are what I focus on whenever I take pictures.

Vietnam wedding photographer

I’m also a Vietnamese wedding photographer. Wedding photography is the main field of my photography career. My photo shoot promotes the natural and sweet affection between the bride and the groom. I love the way the bride and the groom look at each other, love shining in their eyes without any doubt.  Everything between them is so natural, it makes both of them look gorgeous in their wedding. I feel an awesome feeling of joy and happiness when looking at the couples on their wedding day, because I’m the one who gets to record each and every special moment. I feel very lucky to be able to witness the moment the couple exchange their vows, and promise their lives to each other.

I’ve been honored to have a few photos voted as best photos of the year on: This is an incredible reward for me, because it means that I’ve successfully capture the beauty of love and commitment between two people on their most important day. It means that I’ve given the couple a precious gift, that when they look back on their wedding day years later, they can relive that special day, and be reminded of how beautiful they are.

I’m also very grateful to be in the top 10 wedding photographers of the two largest wedding photo galleries in the world:

Fearless: (

 and Mywed (

This achievement gives me a lot of confidence, that I have enough skill and passion to take the best photographs, that I can use my camera to convert the most beautiful moments I witness with my eyes into pictures, so that everyone will get to experience those moments just like I did. If you want to celebrate the most important event of your life in Vietnam, I believe I can be the one to help you. My pictures can be the perfect symbol of the bond between you and your other half

Vietnam wedding photographer

A pre-wedding photo shoot in Moc Chau.

Vietnam wedding photographer

The moment when the groom and the bride walk to the ceremony hall

Vietnam wedding photographer

A happy memory for you when you looking back your ceremony wedding in the future.

Vietnam wedding photographer

A precious moment between the groom and the bride at Hoi An.

Vietnam wedding photographer

They are very beautiful in the most important moment in their life

Vietnam wedding photographer

Romantic moment of Melinda and Aaron under the sparking lanterns in Hoi An.

Not just wedding, I can also be your honeymoon photographer . The first days of marriage are always wonderful, and I’m always willing to help make these feelings last forever. Wherever you decide to spend your honeymoon, I can help you discover all the most beautiful places,  take the best pictures, so that your honeymoon location will forever be a special place for you two.

Vietnam wedding photographer

A honey moon trip of a couple, they look very cute.

Vietnam wedding photographer

A couple among colorful lanterns make them look great.

For more pictures about pre-wedding and wedding ceremony, please take a look at my website at or

I am also active as a portrait photographer, so you can always come find me even if you just want a pretty photoshoot for your own. Thank you so much for visiting my photography page. If you are looking for a Vietnamese photographer, please contact me. I’m pleased to work with you to provide qualified pictures of your wedding, your family trip., or wherever that makes you feel happy.

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