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Outdoor weddings often leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of party guests and newlyweds. The wedding atmosphere that is both formal but also open and comfortable will be a beautiful milestone for a long-term marriage. Let’s join Fernandes Photographer to find out everything related to a destination wedding in Hoi An! Referring to Hoi An, […]

Hoi An travel experience is self-sufficient for you to freely explore the old town

Since 400 years ago, Hoi An has been a trading port crowded with traders from all over the world, creating a diverse culture, harmony between East and West. Today, Hoi An is one of the rare ancient cities still preserved almost intact. If you are passionate about the nostalgic, peaceful atmosphere of this small old […]

“Rushing” to virtual living places in Hoi An took thousands of beautiful pictures instantly

The ancient and distinctive beauty of Hoi An is no longer a strange thing for our tourism association. However, where are the “photo hunting” sites, virtual living spots in Hoi An that “drop the net” that get millions of likes, if you put up the device, there will be quality photos immediately? Let’s join Fernandes […]

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