10 best places to take pictures in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc pearl island is favored by nature to endow the hidden pristine beauty of clouds and sky.

Winding stretches of sand, clear blue water beaches, magical coral reefs and brilliant space at dawn blend with the wildness of forests, rivers and streams, creating a picturesque Phu Quoc. . Coming to Phu Quoc, you can not ignore the 10 most beautiful photo spots below:

Bãi Dài

Bai Dai is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Phu Quoc in Vietnam, and has been voted one of the 10 most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world by world travel magazines. The scene here is pristine, pure and quiet with smooth white sand slopes, upright poplar rows, very romantic and romantic.

Suối Tranh

Coming to Phu Quoc, photography lovers will be surprised by the beauty of Suoi Tranh. Next to the stream forms a mysterious cave with beautiful and fancy stalactites. There are flowers around the stream, mountains and forests to help you get picturesque pictures.

Bãi Sao

Sao Beach is located on the South Island tourist route, about 30km from Duong Dong town. Taking photos in Phu Quoc must say to Bai Sao – a place that is paired with many couples, couples choose to preserve the most important moments in life. Sao Beach is located in An Thoi town, where there are sandy hills, velvet-like materials. In this area, sea water spinach appears to be running along the curved coast like a defect.

Bãi Khem, Mũi Ông Đội

Mui Ong Doi is one of the places where very few tourists can watch the sunrise and sunset in the same place. The two-sided strip of land bordering the sea attracts visitors by the lively landscape with a unique shape.

Especially, near Mui Ong Doi is Bai Khem, the most beautiful white sand strip of Ngoc Island. Located in the south of Phu Quoc, about 25km from the center of Duong Dong town, Bai Khem with creamy white sand, emerald green water that sees through the bottom brings an incredible sense of relaxation.

An Thoi archipelago

Wild beauty with long white and smooth sand beaches in islands such as Hon Thom, Hon Mong Tay, Hon Roi … An Thoi archipelago is an ideal tourist destination and photography. With charming scenery, the beauty here will make your photos more romantic and impressive.

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